Gebo Art Space

Established in 2007 as a studio-gallery for Johanan Herson and Marlen Ferrer to explore their identities as artists. Together they created a dynamic environment offering established artists and new talents an opportunity to show their works. One of the principles of Gebo was to offer artists from the periphery an opportunity to exhibit in the center of Tel Aviv, the heart of Israeli art world. Gebo Art Space added the offices of engineering and design to the gallery in a unique open space environment with the intention of creating a dialogue between art and design. Johanan closed the studio/gallery in 2013 and moved his activities to Art Market, Tel Aviv, part of the Bruno Art Group.


Soft Art Acrylic

Felt fabrics, in an infinite variety of color combinations,mixtures, textures, and transparencies, are artistically blended into exciting layered collages. The Soft Paintings are then needled together in an innovative technical process for permanency, creating flat, flexible and durable surfaces. The harmonious multi-dimensional effect achieved by Soft Art represents a breakthrough in original art form.

When food "meet" art

Master Chef Meir Adony meet Artists and curator, Johanan Herson