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Falling Angles


The walls of the Tirtza 17 Pub in Jaffa are a fitting background for Johanan Herson's `Falling' series of paintings, because they are crumbling (though on purpose), Just like the country. The light of a candle illuminated the dark room. In the small studio in the Bezalel Academy building in downtown Jerusalem sat an art student, a palette beside him with various shades of brown paint on it. It was 1968, and the student, Johanan Herson, was 17 at the time. After the Six-Day War, he had come to Jerusalem from Canada, the land of his birth.

Art Nova USA Opens the First Gallery in the USA Dedicated to the Soft Paintings Art Technique


As the exclusive North American gallery offering the innovative artwork technique known as "Soft Painting," Artnova Studio & Galleries has opened its first destination outside of its home base in Jerusalem. Renowned as the only studio in the world dedicated solely to the creation of these innovative works of art, Artnova USA employs a team of creative, dedicated and highly trained artists.

Born in 1950 in Montreal Canada, Johanan Herson was initiated into art at an early age. At the age of eight he won a prestigious award for children’s art, and was marked as a promising talent. Besides art he studied movement and ballet. He has worked extensively as an actor from the age of 12 appearing on stage, and performing a leading role in a television soap opera for five consecutive seasons. He has also appeared in feature and fact films, television dramas, as well at theatre. In 1967, he arrived in Israel to study at the ‘Bezalel Art Academy’ in Jerusalem, and then continued studies in ‘Fine Arts’ at Concordia University, Montreal majoring in Drama.

Johanan is represented in many fine art galleries in Europe and North America and is successfully defining his unique voice internationally as well as Israel where he lives close to his children.

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